How Digital X-Rays Benefit Your Oral Health

Providing a number of benefits to dentists and dental patients alike, at Oviedo Dental Arts in Oviedo, we know that digital x-rays enable our team to identify dental issues quickly and with great precision, which enables us to provide the dedicated, effective care our patients deserve.

What are digital x-rays and how are they different from traditional x-rays?

Traditional x-rays are taken using a film that must be developed in order for dentists to get a good look at them, which usually takes a few minutes. Digital x-rays, on the other hand, are taken with a digital sensor that is connected to a computer. The image appears on the computer screen almost immediately.

What benefits are associated with digital x-rays?

One of the most notable benefits is that they are much more detailed than traditional x-rays. This means that our team can see even the smallest dental issues, such as cavities, more clearly. As a result, digital x-rays are more effective at diagnosing problems in their early stages, when they’re easier to treat.

In addition, digital x-rays are more comfortable for patients. Because the digital sensor is much smaller than the film used for traditional x-rays, it is less intrusive and can be placed in the mouth more easily. This leads to a quicker, more comfortable experience for the patient.

Finally, digital x-rays are more eco-friendly than traditional x-rays. The film used for traditional x-rays must be developed using chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Digital x-rays do not require any chemicals for development, making them a more sustainable option.

Digital x-rays are a great option for patients, and they enable our team to provide you with the diligent care you need and deserve. Call us today to learn more!

A Dentist Is Examing A Teeth Xray In Front The Female Patient

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