Dental Crowns in Oviedo: Safeguarding and Enhancing Your Smile

At Oviedo Dental Arts in Oviedo, we know that dental crowns can do much to protect and strengthen weakened teeth while blending seamlessly with patients’ smiles.

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What are dental crowns?

A restoration that’s used to safeguard and protect teeth that have been weakened or damaged by decay, cracks, chips, fractures, or injuries, a dental crown uses materials like porcelain and ceramics to cover the entire visible surface of a tooth, strengthening and protecting it from further damage.

How is a dental crown created and placed?

At Oviedo Dental Arts in Oviedo, we make the process as comfortable and efficient as possible. After assessing your needs, we’ll use advanced technology to create a customized restoration that looks and feels great while providing your tooth with maximum protection and strength. Once it’s been completed and we’ve checked its fit and appearance, we’ll use dental cement to bond the restoration to your tooth.

Is anyone a candidate for this dental restoration?

Dental crowns can be an ideal choice for patients with teeth that are severely damaged or decayed. They can also cover a dental implant, hold a bridge in place, or prevent a weakened tooth from fracturing.

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  • Protect weakened teeth
  • Improve your smile aesthetic
  • Maintain your speaking & smiling confidence with tooth-matching materials
  • Experience protection for many years with diligent care
  • Prioritize your oral health!
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